Finally: Sunlight in the Office Cubicle

Check out this great article from the Wall Street Journal that touches on how 3M Daylight Redirecting Film is being used to help offices save energy and create a more pleasant work environment.

3M Daylight Redirecting Window Film

Story by James R. Hagerty for The Wall Street Journal

Several Companies, Including 3M and Alcoa, Introduce Products Promising to Enhance Natural Lighting

It is hard to top the sun as a light source for houses and office buildings. Natural light is free, and people tend to like it.

The trouble is that sunlight can cast glare on computer screens and roast people sitting near windows. If they yank down the blinds, everyone else loses the view and natural glow.

Entrepreneurs have been trying to find technological solutions to this dilemma for decades. Despite their modest success in selling that technology, companies including 3M Co. and Alcoa Inc. keep trying, offering “daylighting” products that deflect sunlight toward the ceiling so it can gently illuminate a larger portion of a building’s interior.

3M is promoting a new “daylight-redirecting” film applied to the upper portions of windows. Alcoa has an updated “light shelf,” reflective panels affixed to walls or window frames to reroute sunbeams deeper into buildings. These are some of the latest in a long line of products introduced by firms promising to enhance natural lighting.

“It’s a great challenge,” said Gordon Gill, a Chicago architect. “Everybody wants the daylight; nobody wants the glare, and you only want the heat when it’s cold outside.”

One aim of daylighting products—to save electricity—has become less urgent as lighting costs have dropped. Russ Leslie, associate director of the Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, N.Y., estimated that the energy used by electric lighting in a typical building has halved over the past decade, partly because of more efficient fixtures and the use of sensors to switch off lights when they aren’t needed.

3M Daylight Redirecting Window Film Technology

Read the rest of the article in The Wall Street Journal HERE


Jeff Gordon Discusses How 3M Crystalline Window Film Keeps Him Cool During NASCAR Races

Funny video from the 3M Racing Labs with Jeff Gordon discussing how the use of 3M Crystalline Window Film on his race car helps keep him cool during hot NASCAR race weekends.

US Government Looking To Reduce Energy Use in Their Facilities

This article in highlights the importance that the US Government is placing on reducing energy use in their facilities in the coming years. With the age of some of these facilities, a retrofit of window film might be one of the most cost effective way for them to significantly reduce the energy use.

Through the use of new 3M technologies like window film and daylight redirecting film to realize a nice energy savings. This represents a huge opportunity for the industry as the number of buildings owned and managed by the Government is large and they are located in nearly every market across the country. Check out the article below and begin to develop a strategy on how you will approach the buildings in your market area.


Big Government Looks for Big Energy Savings in Buildings by Matt Jungclaus for

Imagine a future in which our buildings are resilient, self-powered, community resources. Not a kilowatt-hour of energy is wasted in a building, and on-site renewable energy systems meet every building’s energy needs. Although this may seem a futuristic dream, a recent policy recommendation to the United States General Services Administration (GSA) could spark a market transformation that makes this vision a near-future reality.

In September, a GSA task group recommended that at least 50 percent of the GSA’s and the entire federal government’s building area achieve net-zero energy status by 2030. A net-zero energy (NZE) building is a building that produces as much energy through renewable resources as it consumes annually. The GSA is the largest landlord in the United States. Read the entire article at HERE

Interwest Automotive Open House in Anaheim, CA

We held our Interwest Automotive Open House at our Anaheim, CA facility last week. Thank you to everyone that took the time to attend. We will be having one in Chicago later this week. We hope to see you there if you are in the Midwest. For all the information, contact the main office at (800) 232-8468. 


Our Tool Division, Interwest Tools, Just Launched Their New 2015 Catalog

Interwest Tools Catalog


The brand new 2015 Interwest Tools catalog is available for viewing and download at the link below. Check out all of the new items and print a copy to keep in the shop. We hope you like this newest catalog. We appreciate your business! To view and download the new catalog, Click HERE

Arizona Bank Saves $74K in Electricity in the First Year Using 3M Window Film


Check out this story at Energy Manager Today​ that discusses how one Arizona bank used 3M Window Film​’s Prestige product on their skylights to save $74,000 in energy costs in the first year!

3M Renewable Energy Division installed its 3M Sun Control Window Film at the National Bank of Arizona in Phoenix on the full-roof skylights of its 144,000 sq. ft. headquarters to help the bank save in electricity costs. The 18,000 square feet of skylights allowed natural light to flood the premises. But with daily average high temperature in mid-summer of 102 degrees, and monthly rainfall averages under one inch, the skylights increased cooling costs. The bank decided to take advantage of a comprehensive energy-efficiency rebate program being offered by its local electric utility, Salt River Project. With a grant, the bank installed 3M Window Film. Read the complete story at Energy Manager Today by clicking HERE.

How Are You Going to Celebrate National Window Film Day on April 30th?

National Window Film Day Shares Valuable Facts With Homeowners and Brings Window Film to Light


International Window Film Association Announces April 30th In Recognition of The Many Benefits of Window Film

The International Window Film Association (IWFA), a nonprofit trade group representing the many benefits of window film from leading manufacturers, distributors and dealers, announces National Window Film Day, April 30th, as a day of public education focusing on a cost-effective solution to reducing energy costs in homes, protecting skin and home decor from the sun’s damaging UV rays and to promote window safety.

“Independent research shows window film can be the most cost effective means of saving on energy costs across all climate zones in many states,” said John Parker, president of the IWFA. “We are confident in our support of a National Window Film Day to inform all citizens of the benefits of this affordable technology, and we encourage our members to participate as well as everyone in the industry,” added Parker.

The IWFA represents some of the leading makers of window film. They are 3M, Eastman Chemical, Hanita Coatings, Johnson Laminating and Coating, KDX Window Films, Madico, and Solar Gard. The IWFA’s membership includes nearly 500 distributor and dealer / installers of window film.

The IWFA recently rolled out a new website to serve consumers and industry professionals alike as a one-stop information resource. The ‘responsive’ website, that can be viewed on nearly any digital device offers, informative videos and free booklets on the energy savings and health and safety benefits of window film.

“Once installed, window film can offer year-round savings of about 5 to 10 percent of the home’s total energy bill,” said Darrell Smith, executive director of the IWFA. “In the coming weeks, the IWFA will conduct new research to better understand consumer awareness about the impact that indoor sun exposure can have on people, and we look forward to sharing the results.” he added.

3M Wows the Crowd at SXSW with Dichroic Window Film


In case you missed it, 3M kicked off it’s first new Global brand campaign at South by Southwest (SXSW) a couple of weeks ago. The new tagline is “3M Science. Applied to Life.” and the focus is to tell the story of how 3M technologies impact our daily lives.

One of the topics that was a buzz at the huge technology and music conference was 3M’s awesome booth that used dichroic window film on the roof to create a kaleidoscopic effect. As you walked through the booth, the color and reflectivity of the film changed to create the effect. This cool design feature using one of 3M’s window films was discussed on many websites, blogs, posts as tweets during the show. Cool to see a 3M Window Film get this much attention at a conference that brings together some of the most forward thinkers on the planet.

Window Film Fits Into Green Building Trends To Look Out For in 2015

This is a great article that discusses green building trends and window films place in these trends. Window films fit right in under the Passive Construction category with standard window films reducing the need for heat, air conditioning and even lighting with the use of daylighting films.

Green Building Trends To Look Out For in 2015

By Karla Lant at

It’s a fact: green building is not a craze or a fad, but the future of construction. And this is true for both new construction and renovation/retrofitting.


This shouldn’t surprise anyone; as “Green Multifamily & Single Family Homes: Growth in a Recovering Market,” a recent report from the World Green Building Council explains, research shows that consumers are willing to spend more to get green homes. Since green homes provide healthier living environments, better resale potential, and lower utility costs, who can blame them?

So what are the hottest green building trends we will see this year? According to the World Green Building Council, here’s what to expect.

Net Zero Energy Homes
The focus on energy efficiency is going to be more and more important, and this will prompt a rise in demand for net zero energy homes. Alternative energy sources for homes like photovoltaic cells are going to receive a lot of attention in 2015. In recent years more net zero homes have been built, and as these projects prove their feasibility, more clients demand them. The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy also certifies these homes so consumers know what they’re getting, making the buying process more secure.

Healthful Homes
Efficiency isn’t everything; consumers also want beauty and health from their homes. Many green building materials can give them all three features. This means that there is a high demand for green building materials that support healthful households. Natural building materials like stone countertops and local lumber for flooring and cabinetry are aesthetically appealing and have no negative health impact; these materials are already high demand and we will see this demand remain strong. And demand for features such as living roofs covered in greenery to protect the home from runoff problems and radiation will also increase.

Affordable Green Construction
Year by year green building is becoming more attainable for everyone. In 2014 we saw a burst of interest in “micro” homes and reuse of pallets, crates, and other items to make very small living spaces for low prices. This year the trend will continue, but modified, as we see more green modular homes, pre-designed for efficiency and affordability. We will also see a continued rise in retrofitting of existing housing stock, making more housing affordable for more people.

Passive Construction
Passive homes rely less on AC and heat, instead regulating temperature naturally based on their design; this is possible when well-insulated homes are designed to make the most of natural light, shade, and wind. Landscaping design also plays an important role in this kind of construction. The passive construction trend is already booming in the EU, and although the trend will be slower to pick up here in North America, we will start to see it gain favor here in 2015 — probably in commercial buildings first.

Designing for Drought
As the southwestern United States, especially California, continue to experience serious drought conditions, we will see more conscious water conservation in the designs of 2015. This will include more use of xeriscape where appropriate, composting toilets, low-flow toilets, graywater recycling systems, stormwater runoff reduction systems, and water-saving indoor fixtures.
This is an exciting time for construction, and for retrofitting or building a new home. Green building trends offer some amazing opportunities to ensure a healthful, efficient home, and this year we’ll see even more options than we have in the past.

Tint City Transforms Shop & Helps Skin Cancer Patients

We wanted to show you guys Tint City’s newly renovated store as it is a real show piece of how nice an automotive tint shop can be.

Another part of this great story is that the owner Art Ceballos donates a free automotive install to any customer diagnosed with skin cancer to help block the UV rays and hopefully keep them on the road to being cancer free. You can read more about that program by clicking HERE. We think that is pretty awesome!

To check out more pics of the shop visit the gallery on our Facebook page by clicking HERE or on the pic collage below.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 12.23.07 PM